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Our Foundation/University/Charity Donation Program

  • Thru our expertise, a Foundation/Charity/University can accept a Yacht/Boat, as a donation and receive the Net Proceeds from the sale.

  • The organization advises donors their Donors, that their ‘well cared for’ vessel can be accepted as a donation. The Charity can set certain thresholds, such as a minimum value of $25,000, year 2000 or newer…etc.

  • CSI handles all the questions from potential donors. If accepted by the organization, CSI will arrange for storage while we market and sell the yacht and then process the transfer of ownership documents from donor to buyer.

  • The program can be tailored to fit your Client's requirements. Once the Yacht/Boat is sold, the Net Funds (gross sale price minus expenses such as: 10% commission, transport, storage etc) are forwarded to you. We provide you with weekly reporting on each potential and accepted donation.

  • With the boating population aging there are many Boat/RV owners contemplating moving on to other endeavors. What better way to do that than to make a donation to a worthy cause. (As the year 2011 began on Jan. 1, the oldest members of the Baby Boom generation celebrated their 65th birthday. In fact, on that day, today, and for every day through 2030, 10,000 baby boomers will reach age 65. The aging of this huge cohort of Americans (26% of the total U.S. population are Baby Boomers) will have a dramatic efect on the boating population.

  • The yacht can be located anywhere in the Continental U.S.

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Why Certified Sales?

  • Certified Sales Inc. has been remarketing Marine Assets for banks, insurance companies and individuals since 1982. In 2015 we started the Yacht Donation Program and it has proven very successful, resulting in significant revenue to the Organizations.

  • Certified Sales employs a group of expert Brokers with years of experience in valuation and sales of these assets.

  • Our specialties are: Yachts, Boats and RVs.

  • Our experienced staff will assist in maximizing the net Cash Donation through our family of websites and extensive resources.

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